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Welcome all women anglers!

You are invited to participate in the return of the only ladies billfish tournament put on by the historic Balboa Angling Club.

Captains Meeting:
Wednesday, August 10, 2022
at BAC dock – 6:00 pm

Awards Party:
Sunday, August 14, 2022 – 5:00 pm

Newport Beach Yacht Club
1099 Bayside Drive, Newport Beach, Ca

** Please add one Angler at a time or everyone can sign up by themselves just make sure the Boat name is the same.



The undersigned angler ( “Angler”) hereby agrees to the following release of liability and hold harmless indemnification agreement:
By participating in the Ladies Billfish Tournament, it hereby expressly agreed that the Angler named below is accepting all risk of injury or damage that in any manner arises from any activity involved or related to this tournament, including all events affiliated with it, including but not limited to meetings, banquets, or any other activity related to the tournament. (“the Tournament”) Angler agrees to release all claims, causes of actions, demands for damages, and all other legal assertions that Angler has or may have related to the Tournament, or any activity therein including but not limited to all activities related to the Tournament on boats, docks, stairs, facilities, and agrees to release the Balboa Anglers Club, the Pacific Fish Foundation, all Directors and officers ( “the Releasees”) thereof to the fullest extent allowed by law. Angler further agrees to hold harmless and indemnity Releases from any and all claims arising out or related to the Tournament, as set forth above. Any defense will conducted by choice of counsel by the BAC, and any claims will be venued in Orange County Superior Court.

Ladies Billfish Tournament


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